BFLAT Interactive is an independent game studio based in the United States, founded by Sage Fremont and Daniel Manoiu.

In 2019, friends Daniel Manoiu and Sage Fremont participated in a game jam which would later result in BFLAT Interactive's first game, Black Hole Feeds. It was a simple sci-fi arcade game aimed at children. Having been well received by locals on the west coast, the pair decided to venture into game development full-time. It was then that BFLAT Interactive was born.

Daniel Manoiu

Daniel is a Romanian game developer and musician, based in Long Beach, California. He has worked on numerous projects, including the Chuck E Cheese animated series, virtual reality experience SZEN, and Ray & Clovis on Amazon Prime.

Sage Fremont

Sage is an American computer scientist and composer, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has created a variety of music tools for mobile platforms. She also works as a musician and audio engineer.

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